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Book - Managing a Pack of Siberian Huskies

It is quite unusual to have just one Siberian Husky. Most people who get involved with this breed will soon have more than one and will often then want to build a team; this is when it becomes necessary to understand how to manage a pack. It is important to recognise when problems are starting between individuals so that they can be stopped before they escalate into fighting.


This book discusses and describes social behaviour and how it develops in a puppy’s early weeks, how to read and interpret social behaviour and how to prevent problems; importantly, it also covers how to manage such problems if and when they do occur.


The book also explains the necessity for a varied and interesting environment and life for your Siberians, and the importance of having clear boundaries and ground rules relating to your pack members’ behaviour.



Book - Working and Racing Siberian Huskies in the UK (and other temperate climates)

The Siberian Husky is getting more popular all the time and people soon discover that the best way to properly and safely exercise this normally very high energy breed is to work them in harness. Consequently more and more people are getting involved in this wonderful activity and starting to work their Siberians all the time.


This book attempts to help those just starting out as well as those who have been involved for several years. It includes numerous training tips and ideas to try out in training to get the best out of your dogs. My aim in training has always been to help each and every dog perform to their best ability while never asking more from a dog than it is capable of giving.


This book attempts to cover all aspects of training and racing in our sort of climate and provides useful training tips to increase speed, stamina and strength.



DVD - The Siberian Husky, an Illustration of How Form Follows Function

This is a DVD which was originally made to explain to judges why the Siberian needs to be built in a certain way to perform its function in harness.


It compares 4 dogs which have common structural faults with several well-constructed dogs, both in a show ring situation and while working, and sets out to explain how the faults affect the dogs’ ability to work as they should.


A section on heavy training with a van chassis is also included, as well as some footage of our pack at the time, meeting some people for the first time and playing in their playground run.


There are several well-known dogs from our earlier bloodlines in this film. Dogs which are prominent in many pedigrees, including Ch Forstal Meshka, Forstal’s Aladyn, Ch Snoshoes Russky of Forstal and Ch Forstal’s Seegoo.


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Thetford, Norfolk, IP26 5EL

Tel: 01842 878246 or 07584981296

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